California Hard Edge painting comes to Coco’s

Portrait of Gary Hinsche

Gary Hinsche

Gary Hinsche came to Dayton from LA years ago to be an executive creative director of a local ad agency. Now a retired “mad man”- he’s pursuing his passion as an artist.

Coco’s is proud to present his “California hard edge” paintings, with an opening, Friday Sept. 20, 2013 in conjunction with Urban Nights.

Come see 10 of his large scale pieces now through the end of October.

From his artists statement:

“I’m fascinated by geometric shapes and organizing them in ways that create tension through scale and color. When everything comes together amazing images begin to happen—sometimes by accident, sometimes by design.
My art is constantly evolving and changing. It has to. Change comes from experimenting and taking chances creatively. It’s about embracing the beautiful contradictions in the world. And challenging everything I just said.”

Gary will be on hand at the opening, and also, on Oct. 13 at the Jazz Brunch featuring Greg Abate. See more of Gary’s work on his website:

Photo of painting, Franklin 6 by Gary Hinsche

Franklin 6, by Gary Hinsche